Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Page Two, Part Three

This was incredibly difficult for me; I really struggled with what to do. My imagination is a rusted out, 1967 model. The gears don't run smoothly. If Dan hadn't mentioned that he didn't think it looked finished (I agree), I probably would have just started a new page. My first inclination, and don't laugh because it is REALLY boring, was to add floor tiles and ceiling fixtures. But, I did at least realize that it was a boring solution!

I thought a lot about what Dan's wife had mentioned...that the dancer didn't really match the 'big band' type of music, so I thought I would make it about music itself. Music and it's ability to transport us, make us feel alive. I painted the music bars yellow to show that it can bring light into our world. I thought of writing a quote at the bottom, but couldn't find a single one that I thought would go well. If Dan wants to do something else with it he is certainly welcome. Otherwise, I'll keep looking around and add one later. (Any suggestions?) Maybe I should just add some grass or something??

One of the ideas behind our exchange is that we would challenge each other. This was certainly a challenge for me! Part of it was connecting the big band with the colorful girl. I thought long and hard on how to do that one! The other part was in the composition. Dan placed his band right smack in the middle of that space. I'm not sure how well I've handled that, composition being a weakness of mine, but I did enjoy, through gritted teeth, working through it.

You should see this in person. I have to say that Dan did an excellent job on that band. Each person has such a unique face. The details are impressive!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Page 2, Part 2

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I've taken an enormous amount of time to return this one. Raena has forgiven me though. This is my addition - a big band. I toyed with the idea of a flamenco guitarist, and then of having her stand in front of a mirror (but why would she do that - she'd be facing away!). Then I had the idea of the big band as being the most interesting possibility for the space. My Most Valuable Critic (MVP) felt it didn't match, given her costume, but I figure the big band can play a piece that would make a singer or dancer dress up that way, right? I enjoyed trying to make each musician unique - in different positions, with varied looks.

I did this a little differently. Generally I ink first, but I first had the idea that I wouldn't ink at all. So I drew in pencil, and then used watercolor in a way that it could stand on its own. It was okay, but my MVP felt it needed ink, and she was right (she usually is - don't tell her). It is much better that way.

Raena was worried about the arm (see the last post). I think the problem was, believe it or not, the armpit! So I moved it in. The original line is now the side of the conductor. Did you notice, by the way, the beautiful molding of the arm with the colors Raena used? It is beautiful to behold - so well done. I also made two other minor changes - I added hair to the back of the head, and whitened the teeth just a touch.

It was interesting to paint on the multi-colored background - thank you Raena for challenging me! I believe that it gives the whole page a festive feel.

I don't think the page is done yet, though - so Raena, it's up to you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Page 2, Part 1

So, one of our goals in the moleskine exchange is to push each other out of our comfort zones. My idea here was to force us to work with preexisting conditions. The background was applied first, before I even knew what I would be drawing. I had used this technique on several drawings as of late and everything had turned out just fine. Then I drew in the picture with a bic ballpoint pen, with no pencil lines first. I think her raised arm looks like it doesn't attach to her body. I'll leave this for Dan to fix! The girl is based on this morguefile photo. Loosely based, since I was drawing in ink!

Recently, I ordered a L&C 7020 brush, size 14. So, I procrastinated getting on with the drawing because I knew I would have this larger brush coming soon and I had hoped it would force a looseness. Well, let me tell you! This is indeed a fine brush which holds lots of water. But, it also keeps a very fine point allowing me to get all fussy with this! (still, I recommend the brush!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Page 1, Part 3 (Dan)

I've done a lot of work on this page, and here's the explanation: I could have just added a background, but it seemed to me that there would be something lacking.

Besides, it seemed to me like the woman with the two dogs was looking beyond the other woman, and not straight at her. Why, I wondered, was that? What was it that she was looking at? Once I settled on the third dog, I couldn't just place it on the page - floating out there - unless I created a setting for it. I wouldn't know where to put it.

There was also the thought that since I started the first page, I should probably finish it, otherwise it would be Raena that would do so. We both sort of felt that Raena should start the second page of the Moleskine by right. (It's only just and proper that she should feel the excitement and anxiety of the blank page, don't you think?)

So to tried to keep the bar high and to live up to the great drawing I received back from Raena. I worked very hard to do the picture well. It became far more involved than I ever intended, really. At every step there was a challenge. At every step, nervousness and hesitation. All in all, a great experience.

If you would like to know more - much more - about how I did this picture, you can visit my blog.

I realize that ultimately I pretty much dominated this page. But I figure that some pages will be more Raena, and some more mine, and some pretty evenly half & half, and that'll be the way that it goes. Raena and I exchanged a few e-mails, and I believe that she understands this and agrees.

So off to Texas, and on to page 2! I hereby declare this page done!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Page 1, Part 2 (Raena)

Well, I didn't add much for this first exchange as it came at a very bad time for me--at the beginning of a really long and distressing artist block! I think it should be easier next time; that's what I keep telling myself anyway! I like Dan's idea of less words and more art on this blog. I struggle so much to write when I'm in my art mode! And with all of the pressure (good pressure, pressure to improve) on the art, it is nice to not have to worry about writing! So, to read more about this piece, please visit my blog!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Page 1, Part 1 (Dan)

Welcome to our new blog! The concept is simply stated in the banner above. I have painted the above picture on a page in a large watercolor Moleskine. And today I am going to stuff it in an envelope, and mail it 1100 miles away to Raena.

When it arrives, Raena is going to open that envelope. Then she will draw or paint something else on the same page - whatever else she wants - and she can paint or draw over and around or on top of what I did if she wants, and she can use any medium she feels like. And then she is going to mail it back to me! Then I will work on the page some more.

We are going to mail that Moleskine back and forth and back and forth .. and work on that one and only page until one of us declares it done! Whoopee!

And then we will go to page 2.

In this way we both hope to improve and challenge ourselves.

We want to post everything we do in that Moleskine here on this blog because you are so much a part of what motivates us. And we would love for you to follow along as each page progresses over time.

This is not an original idea. We both, some time ago, saw a blog where two professional illustrators did this - one was in Europe and the other in the US. Raena and I are not professionals, and we are both on a single continent (she is in Houston, and I am in Miami).

But we are 1100 miles apart, and have never met except in this virtual reality, and most of all WE TRY HARDER!

And a good idea is worth repeating, don't you think?

For those of you that follow my blog, I often say a lot about what I do. But I plan on more art and less words on this blog. (This is long only because it is the first - at least I think so). As it so happens, though, I have more details about my art for this post at my blog, so feel free to come visit if you'd like.

And thank you so much for visiting 2'nfro for its inaugural post!