Sunday, July 18, 2010

Page 2, Part 1

So, one of our goals in the moleskine exchange is to push each other out of our comfort zones. My idea here was to force us to work with preexisting conditions. The background was applied first, before I even knew what I would be drawing. I had used this technique on several drawings as of late and everything had turned out just fine. Then I drew in the picture with a bic ballpoint pen, with no pencil lines first. I think her raised arm looks like it doesn't attach to her body. I'll leave this for Dan to fix! The girl is based on this morguefile photo. Loosely based, since I was drawing in ink!

Recently, I ordered a L&C 7020 brush, size 14. So, I procrastinated getting on with the drawing because I knew I would have this larger brush coming soon and I had hoped it would force a looseness. Well, let me tell you! This is indeed a fine brush which holds lots of water. But, it also keeps a very fine point allowing me to get all fussy with this! (still, I recommend the brush!)