Monday, March 8, 2010

Page 1, Part 1 (Dan)

Welcome to our new blog! The concept is simply stated in the banner above. I have painted the above picture on a page in a large watercolor Moleskine. And today I am going to stuff it in an envelope, and mail it 1100 miles away to Raena.

When it arrives, Raena is going to open that envelope. Then she will draw or paint something else on the same page - whatever else she wants - and she can paint or draw over and around or on top of what I did if she wants, and she can use any medium she feels like. And then she is going to mail it back to me! Then I will work on the page some more.

We are going to mail that Moleskine back and forth and back and forth .. and work on that one and only page until one of us declares it done! Whoopee!

And then we will go to page 2.

In this way we both hope to improve and challenge ourselves.

We want to post everything we do in that Moleskine here on this blog because you are so much a part of what motivates us. And we would love for you to follow along as each page progresses over time.

This is not an original idea. We both, some time ago, saw a blog where two professional illustrators did this - one was in Europe and the other in the US. Raena and I are not professionals, and we are both on a single continent (she is in Houston, and I am in Miami).

But we are 1100 miles apart, and have never met except in this virtual reality, and most of all WE TRY HARDER!

And a good idea is worth repeating, don't you think?

For those of you that follow my blog, I often say a lot about what I do. But I plan on more art and less words on this blog. (This is long only because it is the first - at least I think so). As it so happens, though, I have more details about my art for this post at my blog, so feel free to come visit if you'd like.

And thank you so much for visiting 2'nfro for its inaugural post!