Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Page Three, Part Two

Whew! This has been a long time coming, hasn't it! Sorry, life got in the way. It can be cruel like that.

When I first saw Dan's image of the girl, walking off the page, into the unknown, I was overwhelmed. One, it is even better in person. Two, the ideas were flying out at me. There were so many that it actually became difficult to settle on any one thing. I did know that I didn't want it to be predictable. A line of ducks or cutesy little somethings is the first thing to pop into my head. I didn't want to be cute. I wanted something unexpected. I wanted to throw Dan a curve ball.

That said, I'm not happy with what I ended up going with. I had settled on a trapeze artist hanging from the top looking like he/she was swooping down on the girl. I couldn't find a good reference photo that I liked. Now, you're probably thinking, what on earth made her decide to do the dinosaur?! Well, like I said, life has been cruel lately and I was desperate. This was a sketch in my sketchbook from my last trip to Vegas to see the in-laws. We stopped at a dinosaur museum in Tucumcari, New Mexico for a rest break. This is a 'hesperosuchus', by the way. Never even heard of it before that day, myself.

Well, I look forward to seeing what Dan does with this.